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Why Choose An Oral Surgeon in Glendale, CA?

Oral surgeons don't just remove impacted wisdom teeth, but offer other surgical procedures vital to your oral health. Our Glendale, CA, dentist, Dr. Navasart Kazazian, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Apel Keuroghlian, of New Smile Dental Group discuss a few ways you may benefit from oral surgery.

Oral Surgeon Glendale, CA

You'll no longer have pain from impacted wisdom teeth

When wisdom teeth don't fully erupt through your jawbone and gums, you may experience pain, nerve damage or damage to nearby teeth if the teeth aren't removed. During an oral surgical procedure in our Glendale office, partially and fully impacted teeth are broken up and extracted. Although you'll need to stick to a soft diet for a few days to a week after surgery, you can soon begin eating your favorite foods again.

Your bite problem will be corrected

Many bite problems can be improved simply by wearing braces. Unfortunately, if you have severe issues, orthodontic treatment may not be able to correct your problem. If your upper and lower teeth don't fit together comfortably when you close your mouth, you may have trouble eating or speaking and may damage your teeth or constantly cut your lips or gums. Orthognathic surgery will improve the alignment of your jaw, eliminating your bite problem.

You'll receive treatment for an injury

Injuries, whether they're caused by falls, blows to the face or car accidents, can affect your face and mouth. If you've experienced an injury, you may need oral surgery to repair lacerations, set broken facial bones or treat damage to your facial nerves or salivary glands.

You'll replace a lost tooth with a dental implant

Innovative dental implants make it possible to replace an entire tooth. The implants, which serve as synthetic roots, anchor a dental crown that's visible above the gum line. The implant procedure involves creating an opening in your jaw for the implants. After they're placed in the jawbone, they bond to the bone, providing a long-lasting root replacement system.

Sometimes, implant surgery must be delayed because your jawbone is too shallow. Luckily, an oral surgical procedure that places bone grafts in your jaw can increase the depth of the bone.

Could you benefit from oral surgery? Call our Glendale, CA, dentist, Dr. Kazazian, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Keuroghlian, of New Smile Dental Group at (818) 547-4398 to schedule your appointment.

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