Types of Dental Procedures
By New Smile Dental Group
September 05, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

While you may only envision your dentist repairing cavities and performing teeth cleanings, there are actually many different procedures dental proceduresoffered at your dentist’s office. Ranging from treating sleep issues to performing cosmetic procedures, dentists can help in many situations. Learn more about some of the types of dental procedures offered at New Smile Dental Group in Glendale, CA, with Dr. Navasart Kazazian and Dr. Apel Keuroghlian.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a condition which causes apneas or pauses in breathing, during sleep. The most common form of sleep apnea, obtrusive sleep apnea or OSA, is caused by a blockage of the airway. A common treatment for this condition is a dental appliance, worn at night, which pulls the lower jaw forward to prevent the obstruction from happening.

Oral Surgery 
Our oral surgeon, Dr. Apel Keuroghlian may suggest oral surgery for many different reasons, including to treat jaw-related conditions like TMJ disorder, place dental implants, extract wisdom teeth, realign the jaw prior to orthodontic treatment, or correcting sleep apnea. Oral surgery is usually offered if other, more conservative treatments fail to produce the desired results.

Teeth Whitening 
Professional teeth whitening is a fast and effective treatment which lifts the color of your teeth. A teeth whitening session in Glendale usually lasts about an hour and, depending on your preference, provide subtle or dramatic results. Your dentist applies a whitening gel to the teeth and leaves it to work for about an hour. Depending on the whitening system, they may direct a special UV light at the teeth to help with the process.

Dental Implants 
Dental implants replace a missing tooth and its root. Implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth in a row, or all the teeth in an arch. Implants use the jawbone underneath the missing tooth as an anchor, sitting inside the bone itself and, over time, integrating into it. This provides a sturdy foundation for a replacement tooth. Implants are permanent and non-removable, eliminating the need for any extra steps in your oral care routine.

For more information on these or other procedures offered by New Smile Dental Group in Glendale, CA, please contact Dr. Navasart Kazazian and Dr. Apel Keuroghlian. Call (818) 547-4398 today to schedule your appointment!


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