Caring For a Whitened Smile
By New Smile Dental Group
August 28, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Avoid Colored Food After Teeth WhiteningAfter your teeth are professionally whitened, aftercare at home and followups with your dentist are extremely important. It could be the difference between the whitening effect lasting just a few months versus several years. Make your smile investment count—see a dentist at New Smile Dental Group in Glendale, CA for your teeth whitening treatment and for advice on how to maintain your newly brightened smile.

Having Your Teeth Whitened Professionally
One of the easiest procedures in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. The appointment takes about an hour on average. All you have to do is be a little patient, relax, and wait for the bleaching gel to take effect. The carbamide peroxide gel has the power to remove yellow stains and brighten the teeth several shades in a short period of time.

Caring for Your Whiter Smile
As soon as you leave the dentist's office after a teeth whitening procedure, you must immediately start taking steps to protect your smile. In the first few days after the session with your Glendale, CA dentist, you'll need to avoid drinking hot, dark-colored beverages like coffee and tea. If possible, drink healthy smoothies with a straw instead of eating solid foods for a couple of days. Purchase a quality toothpaste with fluoride for daily brushing.

Your Dentist Can Help
Contact your dentist for more than just dental whitening—go for regular professional teeth cleanings and polishing sessions to maintain the whitening effect. Your dentist will also be able to notice any potential risks to your dental health, such as enamel erosion, so that you can take advantage of preventive care treatments. Set appointments in advance for every four to six months.

Long-Lasting Beauty
Your smile can look whiter for a longer time if you care for your teeth properly after a teeth whitening treatment. Call (818) 547-4398 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Navasart Kazazian or Dr. Apel Keuroghlian at New Smile Dental Group in Glendale, CA.


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